RHCP’s Flea Devastated After The Tragic Death Of The Legendary Drummer Tony Allen

The Australian-American musician Flea, best known as the bassist of the American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, has just updated his social media account with a new post including the tragic passing of the legendary drummer Tony Allen and paid his tribute to him through it.

Recently, the Nigerian drummer Tony Allen has died at the age of 79 in Paris on Thursday. According to his manager, the cause of death has not been known yet. He also added that his death was very sudden and that he talked Tony on the phone about two hours before his death and he was in great shape.

While Flea talks on Tony Allen, he called him as “kind” and “great man.” He also said that without Tony Allen, there is no afrobeat. You can read Flea‘s special letter below.

“The epic Tony Allen, one of the greatest drummers to ever walk this earth has left us. What a wildman, with a massive, kind and free heart and the deepest one-of-a-kind groove.

“Fela Kuti did not invent afrobeat, Fela and Tony birthed it together. Without Tony Allen there is NO afrobeat.

“I was lucky enough to spend many an hour with him, holed up in a London studio, jamming the days away. It was fucking heavenly. He was and still is, my hero.”

He continued: “I wanted to honor his greatness so much when we played together, and I was nervous when we started, but he made me laugh like a two year old, and we fell right into pocket. I lit up like a Christmas tree every time I knew we were about to lay down some rhythm.

“With Tony’s longtime musical collaborator, friend and champion, Damon Albarn, we jammed til the cows came home. We partied in Nigeria, we partied around Europe, and it was always about the music. Just grooving high, grooving deep.

“Tony Allen I love you, I’m so grateful to have had the chance to rock with you. God bless your beautiful soul.”

When we look at the comments of the post, many artists and fans paid their tribute to legendary drummer Tony Allen.

“Flea my brother,” Sammy Hagar said. “You write the most amazing heartfelt things on your Instagram post. God bless you brother. You & I are gonna probably live forever, but if I die before you, i will check your Instagram immediately. The poetry alone.”

Here’s the post shared by Flea:

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