Lars Ulrich Shares How They Returned to Live Action

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently shared on his official Instagram account that how they returned to live stages after a year away.

In 2004, the group had just finished their last St. Anger tour. After the tour, they needed a little head rest as everyone else did. Then, a year later, when they were gearing up to start thinking about the next creative phase, The Rolling Stones came up with a coupla show.

14 years ago today, November 13, 2005, we returned to live-action after almost a year away by supporting an up-and-coming British blues band called The Rolling Stones over a coupla shows in San Francisco.

The St. Anger tour finished the previous November and after some much-needed chill time, we were gearing up to start thinking about the next creative phase when we got the call.

Up till that point, we had played with a lot of the bands that I had posters of up on my walls, including Deep Purple, AC/DC, Iron Maiden… and the chance to put a checkmark next to rocking with The Stones at home in SF seemed way f*cking fun.

The idea of playing a coupla shows supporting, going on stage early, nothing to promote, performing a shorter set, going to my own bed at home was definitely a vibe and was a cool way to ease ourselves into the making of the next record.

An inspiring and memorable experience!

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