RATM’s Tom Morello Recalls One Of The Most Emotional Days Of His Life

The guitarist of the American rock band Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello, took to his social channels to remember one of the most emotional days of his life and took fans back to the releasing day of his debut solo album.

As you might know, Tom Morello has released his debut solo album in 2007 called “One Man Revolution,” which includes 15 tracks in total. While the album was making its first release on April 24 in the United States, it released on May 7 worldwide.

However, with a recent Instagram and Twitter post, Tom Morello recalled the day that he released his debut solo album. He shared his happiness by sharing a track from the album, “The Road I Must Travel.”

Morello Reveals His Pre-Album Acts

(image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris)

Speaking about the release of the album, Morello revealed how he acted just before he released the effort. He mentioned the moment he lived with the American record producer Brendan O’Brien and said it happened because of him.

“14 years ago today my first solo album ONE MAN REVOLUTION came out,” Morello said. “I had been playing my folk songs at rallies and open mic nights for years when Brendan O’Brien offered to produce an album of those tunes and here you have it. Fave lyric or track?”

Fans Makes Heartwarming Comments

Under Tom Morello‘s tweet, fans made respectful and heartwarming comments for Tom Morello and his album. They’ve revealed their favorite tracks from the album.

A fan named Jay tweeted: “The Road I Must Travel is my favorite song but I love the entire record. Wish you would do another Nightwatchman record in the vein of the first two.”

Another fan said: That was 14 years ago? Holy sh*t! I remember seeing on your for that record. I was just a wee one.

Jim Keady commented: “‘The Road I Must Travel’ always inspires. Keep rocking out comrade. As we continue through late stage capitalism, the people’s revolution is going to need a kick ass soundtrack.”

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