Frank Bello Details New Anthrax Album: “That’s The Plan For Next Year”

Frank Bello Details New Anthrax Album: "That's The Plan For Next Year"

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has detailed his band’s newest and upcoming studio album and informed fans about the progress of the writing sessions, also discussing his band’s future plans.

As some of you know, Anthrax has been working hard for the band’s twelfth studio effort, the upcoming album that follow-up to the band’s eleventh studio album released in 2016, titled For All Kings. The upcoming album will be the band’s first album in 5 years.

However, the bassist discussed the current state of the band’s upcoming album while speaking to BODS Mayhem Hour. Bello answered when fans can expect to see the new record released.

“If you think about it now, what’s going on, because we don’t know what’s gonna be closed down,” he said. “Because everything’s crazy right now still with this new variant and all that stuff. So we have to play it right.

“So, from what I’m hearing, the promoters and everything else, tours and all that stuff… We’re doing periodic shows; I think we’re doing some festivals this year. But for touring, as far as that goes… You wanna release a record when you can tour, so you can support it. So that’s the plan for next year.”

Bello Reveals When Anthrax’s Twelfth Album Will Be Released

Frank Bello has also discussed the possible release date of Anthrax‘s twelfth studio effort. He told that they want to release the new album in 2022.

“So hopefully everybody’s healthy, we can all get out to shows and we can all stand next to each other,” he says. “I’m hoping that all happens.

“So the plan is to release it next year and have everything followed up with a tour right away. That’s the way to do it right. ‘Cause you wanna support that record. You can’t just throw it out there and not have anything behind it, because how will people know you have a record out? There’s no radio or anything like that.”

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