Rammstein founder Richard Kruspe shared his happy work-balance secret. In an interview published 2 days ago, Victoria Lynne Dershem asked him:

You seem to have found a happy work-life balance. What’s your secret?

and he said:

I don’t think it is that balanced! I mean it’s tough because you subconsciously create a world as an artist and I think you can create more when you suffer!

I think if I were happier, I wouldn’t write — but you can’t really change that. It’s complicated to find the right balance between being miserable and writing — and getting out there and living. It is very difficult.

He also answered the question of ”If you were to compare the limitless freedom of Emigrate and the democracy of Rammstein, which one do you think works best with your own creativity?” and said:

Hmmm. I would say Emigrate. Nothing is black and white — there’s always a lot of gray zones — but just for me as the person who creates a certain vision in Emigrate, I kind of work as a team leader. In Emigrate I feel much more capable to work for the song, but in Rammstein we have to allow for everybody’s egos, which might not always serve the song best. I like to have a vision. I still need the ideas of people, but ultimately in Emigrate I have the last word and that actually gives me the freedom to step back, and in some ways perhaps be more of a team player than in Rammstein.

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