Alice Cooper’s Guitarist Nita Strauss Shares an Impressive Stage Photo

Nita Strauss, the current touring guitarist for Alice Cooper, has just shared an impressive photo on her Instagram and stated that she is getting ready for a photo shoot tomorrow in a style she is totally not used to before. She also said that after that she would start learning new songs for Shep Gordon’s New Year’s Eve charity event.

Here’s the statement she shared:

“I’ve been home but haven’t quite gotten to the relaxing part yet haha!! Getting ready for a photo shoot tomorrow in a style I’m totally not used to, and then spending next week learning songs I’ve never played before for @supermenschshep’s New Year’s Eve charity event!! I guess I’d rather end the decade strong and out of my comfort zone, just like it started haha!
How are you guys spending the last couple weeks of 201”

You can see the photo below.

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