Geddy Lee Remembers The Career-Changing Decision Of Rush

The Canadian rock band Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee recalled the band’s history and leaked one of the important decisions of the band mentioning the fourth studio album of Rush, “2112.”

With his recent appearance on Classic Rock, the 66-year-old artist recalled how the band’s eighth studio album “Moving Pictures” recorded. He spoke of their entry into the studio with a sudden decision.

“We were scheduled to do this big live album after ‘Permanent Waves’ and at the last minute, we said, ‘You know what? Fuck this, we’re not going to do a live album, we’re going to go back into the studio and do our next album.’

“And that’s how Moving Pictures came to be.”

Meanwhile, Geddy Lee talked about “2112” and described it was the important decision of the band. He also said that without their fourth album, there would be no Rush.

“It rode the wave of exuberance that we found through making ‘Permanent Waves.’ And it turned out to be the most important decision of our careers. Or the second most important decision. The first one being ‘2112,’ because without ‘2112’ there would be no Rush.”

While the band releasing “Moving Pictures” on February 12, 1981, they released “2112” on April 1, 1976.

Rush preparing to release “Permanent Waves – 40th Anniversary” on May 29.

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