Queen’s Brian May Talks About His ‘Band Night Out’ Experience

American rock band Queen‘s current members Brian MayRoger Taylor, and the band’s long-term vocalist Adam Lambert have appeared at the Japanese restaurant for a ‘band night out’ dinner. On the night, band members looked very happy and were enjoying the atmosphere.

The band’s guitarist Brian May has posted a photo about that night on his social media account and talked about his ‘band night out’ experience. He mentioned going to that restaurant for many years, eating at the restaurant, the prawn memories he had as a child and many more.

“I was enjoying the atmosphere of this great place (see previous post) and it was a very nice shared social moment for us as a band – we’ve been going to this particular restaurant for many years now.”

He continued: “And they cooked and served great veg for those of us who asked for Vegan option. And were very kind, as usual. And our dear Japanese promoting friend for 40 years, Kaz, was kindly treating us.”

“And then I looked at the prawns they were bringing out to cook in front of us. I thought ‘Last time we were here, I would have voraciously put as many of these delicious morsels in my tummy as possible’.”

He added: “I always had a real weakness for prawns from when I was a kid, shelling and eating them while walking along on the seafront, on holiday with my Mum and Dad.”

“This time there was no way I would consider eating them, honouring my Veganuary commitment. But I wasn’t going to preach about it and spoil the meal for my pals, or be ungracious to my host. Then I noticed that these prawns, being skewered and put on the grill, were alive – feebly moving their feelers just a little.

“I’m still trying to process my emotions. It it has moved me deeply – starkly reminding me why I was so anxious to try to be Vegan in the first place. Reminding me that, though it can be fun, this is not a game. What reaction do you feel?”

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