Metallica’s James Hetfield Talks On The Difficulty Of Coronavirus

In an appearance on So What, James Hetfield, known for the vocalist/guitarist of the heavy metal band Metallica, talked about the coronavirus outbreak and how it affected human life.

Since its first day, a total of 35M coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the world, and this number continues to increase day by day. Since the virus entered our lives, a total of 1,03M people have died from the virus, while 26,2M people have recovered the virus.

Recently, James Hetfield touched the virus’s difficulty while making his latest appearance and touched how it affected human life negatively. Speaking about the issue, James Hetfield said that COVID is certainly not welcomed.

“A pandemic is not welcomed. People are hurting. People are dying.

“There’s lots of people struggling – really, really struggling with funds, wherever they’re living, they can’t afford things anymore. Lives are changing drastically.

“So I don’t mean to sound cold about it, but for me personally, it’s been really helpful to slow down, stop the work, stop the circus of what’s going on with touring and band and all of that stuff, family struggles as well.

“So it’s really good to have time to just be. To just be. Not have to have an agenda, but just to chill, to soak up life on life’s terms, to plug into my community here in Colorado.”

James concluded his words by touching his COVID-era life and stated that he couldn’t live most of his hobbies.

“That’s definitely one thing that has been difficult for me to have [in the past] because of coming and going every few weeks, not really being able to plug into any commitments or say, ‘Hey, let’s do this once a week,’ or get together and barbecue, have a cigar pit or whatever, those weekly things that people get to do.

“I was not able to do those and now I am. I’ve built a really cool community of friends, true, unconditionally loving friends, and I would not have had that if I didn’t have this time.”

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