KISS Guitarist Paul Stanley Having Fun In His Bathroom On Quarantine Days

The 68-aged American musician Paul Stanley, best known as the rhythm guitarist of the American rock band KISS, has just shared a new photo on his official Instagram account and made his fans laugh.

In the photo he shared, Paul stated that his son Colin came running to him and said the toilet’s smoking. When Paul came to the toilet, the view he faced was two toilet papers on the toilet and the toilet paper roll was squeezed on the toilet cover.

“So my son Colin comes running in and says ‘DAD COME QUICK, THE TOILET’S SMOKING!’ And I run in to see this,” Paul wrote in the caption of the photo.

The fans who saw the photo wrote in the comments of the photo that they laughed for the Colin‘s innocence and joke and that Colin was very sweet. Also, a few fans joked and stated that the quarantine has begun.

Also, with the latest report published on March 21, 2020, 13:36 GMT, the total number of cases in the United States reached 19,823. While 276 of these cases lost their lives, 147 defeated the coronavirus. The treatment of 19,400 people continues.

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