Queen’s Brian May Reveals The Secret Of His Technique

British rock legends Queen’s epic guitarist Brian May appeared on Guitar World and revealed the secret of his technique.

While he was talking about the issue, Brian May remembered his childhood and said he was into it at that time. He also revealed the delay machines he made himself.

“No. [Laughs] No! Well, I suppose I was in the early days. I was into everything when I was a boy and I was certainly into the electronics and the amps.

“I made myself some delay machines, I adapted some Echoplexes to give me the long delays that I needed to do that kind of cannon thing.

“And I actually designed a machine where I could press a button and then press another button and it would give me a loop and I could play to the loop. And I’ve seen Ed Sheeran does that now, and that’s an avenue which I never really followed up.

“But I was into all those technicalities and my dad was an electronics engineer, so he encouraged me to get into the workings of the AC30 and the treble boost, which is quite crucial.”

Brian added his words that he is not analytical.

“As far as technique, no, I don’t think I was ever analytical except after the event. I like to let the instincts govern what I do and then very often think about it afterwards.

“And maybe there’s a revisit if I think, ‘Oh, yeah, I did that instinctively but maybe I could do a bit more of this and a bit less of that and it would be better.’”

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