Queen’s Brian May Celebrates His Father’s Birthday In An Emotional Way

English rock legends Queen guitarist Brian May has just sent a new post featuring his dad Harold May, who died at the age of 66, and celebrated his birthday in an emotional way.

In the letter he shared, Brian revealed that his father was a genius in handiworks and electrical tools. Also, the moment shared by Brian is the backstage of Brian May‘s Madison Square Garden show. The moments in Brian May‘s memories were embodied with wax sculptures and presented to fans.

You can read Brian May‘s special letter below.

“Happy birthday to my dear Dad, Harold May. He was known as ‘Son’ to his family when he was a kid – probably because his father was also named Harold. But my Dad never knew his Dad. Harold May Senior returned from the trenches in World War I with lung damage from the poison gas which eventually proved fatal. My Daddy would have been 99 today – but we lost him aged only 66 – a sad loss – he had so much left to do. He was a genius at handiwork and anything electrical – and of course he worked with me creating the Red Special guitar which has been with me all around the world many times over the last 50 years. Amazing.

“My big thanks to Sarah Falk – @blueprintblues – for this gift – a 3-D conversion of this picture from my past (swipe for the parallel and cross-eyed view). It shows my Dad and my Mum backstage at Madison Square Garden. As I recounted in my QUEEN in 3-D book, this was the moment when my Dad finally shook my hand and said ‘OK – I get it now’ – A big moment for me, because my Dad had until that point been unable to accept the fact that I had thrown away my scientific career to become what he called a pop star. Happy Birthday dear Dad.”

Many fans expressed in the comments of the photo that how great father Harold May was. They also sent their good wishes and celebration words to him.

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