Queen’s Brian May Breaks Silence On Racial Hatred

The British rock band Queen guitarist Brian May, one of those artists who use social media actively, broke his silence on the racial hatred after the latest incident happened in Minnesota, an unarmed black citizen George Floyd was killed by an officer.

With a recent statement shared on his social media account, the legendary guitarist touched the racism while struggling with his state of health and stated that we can end this curse.

Brian May took to his social media to shared following letter: “This matters to me. I’m the last person to want to erode the powers of the police to keep law and order, but I believe there are pivotal moments in history when those of us who believe racial hatred cannot be tolerated must stand up and be counted. I believe this is one of those moments.

“And (swiping) every time I see that beautiful face of Nelson Mandela, I remember what he taught us lucky minstrels sitting around a camp fire in a jungle retreat near Cape Town, when we were planning the historic 46664 concert at Green Point Stadium. He taught us that seeking Vengeance is an evil and destructive thing, but seeking Justice is… everything.”

Many fans supported Brian May‘s letter and stated that he is one of the greatest musicians in history due to uses his social media to bring awareness to what’s happening.

Take a look Brian May’s social media post:

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