Brian May Reacts The Funny Fan-Made Video About Coronavirus: “Freddie Would Smile”

The British rock band Queen guitarist Brian May, who rocks the stage with them since 1970, has just sent a new post through his official social media account and made his fans laugh with the coronavirus issue, which is the number one topic of the world.

In the post, a fan imitated Freddie Mercury‘s live “eeeeooo” performance, which happened at Wembley Stadium in London on July 13, 1985. Also, in the caption of the post he shared, Brian touched the quarantined people and sent his support to them. He also thanked them for being sensitive.

You can read Brian‘s caption below.

“Celebrating the Italian defiant spirit! Quarantined – confined to home, what options are open? This says ‘I am not giving up!’ Thanks @comunitaqueeniana – we are with you ! Freddie would definitely smile a wicked smile. Hmmm… I think my reposting has messed up the synch on this – his lip-synch is actually perfect – but there now seems to be a delay imposed. Ah well… it’s the thought that counts.”

The first case in Italy appeared on February 15. Also, in Italy, the number of known coronavirus cases had reached at least 22000, the total number of deaths reached over 1500 people.

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