Queen’s Adam Lambert Sends A Special Support Message About Coronavirus

The 38-year-old singer Adam Lambert, best known as the vocalist of the British rock band Queen since 2011, has just updated his social media account and sent a support message to his fans and the people, who saw the post, about coronavirus threatening.

In the photo he shared, Adam Lambert was wearing a blue turtleneck sweater and wearing glasses. With his turtleneck sweater, he followed one of the best ways to protect against coronavirus and closed his mouth and nose.

Adam Lambert took to his Instagram account to share the following message: “Thinkin of everyone effected by Covid -19. Stay vigilant and stay home… but let’s hold on to our joy as best we can. Call an old friend! Binge watch! Sing! Dance! Eat an Orange. Also… liquid Chlorophyll and Wellness Formula!”

Also, due to the coronavirus threatening, Green Day, Alice Cooper, Sepultura, Sebastian Bach, Tool, and more have delayed or canceled concerts as a precaution.

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