Pink Floyd Remembers The Band’s Special One-Night Show

The London-based rock band Pink Floyd has just updated its social media accounts with a special post including its fourth studio album “Ummagumma” and remembered the album’s supporting show.

In the post shared by Pink Floyd, the April 27th show’s banner has been published, which held for the support for the band’s fourth studio album. Also, in the caption of the post, there was a quote which said by DJ John Peel.

You can read the caption of the post below.

“This show in 1969 was recorded for the Floyd’s album, Ummagumma. DJ John Peel noted that they were making sounds that sounded ‘like cries of dying galaxies lost in sheer corridors of time and space…’”

In the comments of the post, fans stated how the great album it was. Many of them also said that the live part is the best part of the album.

The band’s fourth studio album “Ummagumm”a has been released on November 7, 1969, via Capital Records.

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