KISS Legend Gene Simmons Reveals One Of The Rarest Talents Of Him

The 47-year rock band KISS bassist Gene Simmons has just updated his official social media account with a new tweet and revealed his rare-known talent by using one of the rarest doodles of him.

In the tweet he shared, Gene Simmons said that when he doodled the following art, he was just 15-year-old. Also, in the photo, it was writing “Fantasy News” while writing Klein in the corner.

Gene Simmons sent the doodle with the following words: “I must’ve been 15 years old when I doodled this piece of art. And, I was still Gene Klein.”

As a response to him, many fans stated how looks great the doodle was. Also, some of them have congratulated him as his talent and said it looks incredible.

You can find the doodle and the comments below.

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