Ozzy Osbourne Answers If He Will Retire Soon

In a new interview with British GQ, the talented singer Ozzy Osbourne, who came to prominence with Black Sabbath, answered if he will retire while explaining why he announced ‘No More Tours’ at the time.

When the interviewer asked, “In the 1990s you were so sick of gigging you called a tour No More Tours. Now you’re rescheduling dates for 2022. What happened?”, Ozzy replied:

“The thing about that is there had been something wrong with my gait and they told Sharon they thought I had a little bit of MS. What the hell is ‘a little bit of MS?’ It’s like telling me I was a little bit pregnant. I either am or I ain’t!

“But we’d already announced the tour, so she thought, ‘Well, he’s got MS and he’s going to be a cripple, so this is the farewell tour.’ Anyway, turned out I didn’t have MS, but we’d announced the tour already, so I thought, ‘What the fuck am I gonna do now? I don’t feel like I wanna retire!’ But if I’m at home I want to be on the road and if I’m on the road I want to be at home. That’s me: never satisfied.”

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