Nita Strauss Was Very Close To The Stage Accident, Almost Smashing Alice Cooper In The Face

The world-class rock guitarist Nita Strauss, known for her career with the rock legend Alice Cooper, has just shared a new post on her official social media account and revealed one of her favorite stage activities.

In the post she shared, Nita Strauss was jumping on stage while performing in front of the legendary singer Alice Cooper. Meanwhile, she was turning her around and her guitar was very close to the Alice Cooper.

When she sent the post, Nita Strauss touched that moment. Nita wrote the following caption:

“One of my favorite on stage activities is this one, which I call ‘Don’t smash Alice Cooper in the face with the guitar.’”

In the comments of the post, a fan asked if she smashed his face before, Nita replied:

“I still have my job, so no.”

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