Nikki Sixx Breaks Silence On David Lee Roth’s Recent Motley Crue Remark

Nikki Sixx Breaks Silence On David Lee Roth's Recent Motley Crue Remark

In a new interview with Forbes, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has broken his silence on the rock band Van Halen singer David Lee Roth‘s Motley Crue remark and said it’s understandably.

Throughout his musical tenure with his band Motley Crue, the band’s co-founder Nikki Sixx had appeared in entire albums of the band and released nine studio albums. Releasing his debut in 1981, titled Too Fast For Love, Sixx and Crue released their ninth and final album in 2008, titled Saints Of Los Angeles.

As some of you might remember, Nikki Sixx had said in an interview with LA Times that when his band originally invited David Lee Roth to share the stage with them on the band’s reunion Stadium Tour, the singer responded: “I don’t open for bands that I influenced.”

Recently, the bassist once again shared his opinion on Diamond Dave‘s turning down Mötley Crüe‘s offer about Stadium Tour after he tweeted about the issue. When the interviewer said, “It’s hilarious that they reached out to David Lee Roth to be part of the tour, and he declined because he doesn’t open for bands that he influenced,” Nikki mentioned the hugeness of Van Halen.

“Yeah, well, he probably influenced everybody,” Nikki says. “That band [Van Halen] is a monster.”

Nikki Sixx Understands Why David Lee Roth Declined Mötley Crüe

After his words, Nikki Sixx had to say that David Lee Roth‘s decision to refuse to open Mötley Crüe for their Stadium Tour is understandable. He also revealed what he thought when they invited Roth to open Mötley Crüe.

“You know, [it’s] understandably,” Sixx said.

“We all get to make our choices and stuff. I just thought with the body of work that he has with a lot of people, it could be really exciting. I understand his position, too.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Nikki Sixx has also touched on the issue of how media covered Roth’s remarks. Mentioning his new book, The First 21, Sixx added that people were there to talk wrong.

“It’s interesting for me now, when I do press, I’m really aware that a lot of press outlets are looking for clickbait,” he continues.

“And what I like about ‘The First 21’ is I don’t really feel like there’s a lot of clickbait in there. Maybe that’s a bad thing because, you know, you click on the link and someone gets five cents in advertising. I don’t want to sell advertising.

“I want to sell an experience of what these first 21 years are about. So I tried to be very honest, and ‘this is kind of how it is,’ but no [cheap] shots.”

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  1. Mettly Cruee (hey guys, those umlauts mean something)? Being called a poser by the dean of posers? How invested in ‘I don’t fvcking care’ do you have to be? Music needs its talents, and Eddie was one, but when the fit hits the shan, the talent best matching Eddie’s was Hagar. Sorry if the traditionalists don’t agree, but there, I said it.

  2. Stir the pot much, Hay Jansen? I’m glad you said it Instead of me, because that could not be further from the truth. Just MAYBE Hagar was a better fit for the later, poppier EVH, but for the one and only original fire-breathing dragon that was the REAL Mighty Van Halen, only the pinnacle of hard rock frontmen, the ring master himself, DLR would do. Sammy lacks the unapologetic bombast necessary to carry out that role. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I like post-DLR music because its E freakin’ VH, but to say that Hagar is a better match for VH is IMHO ridiculous. I’ve seen both live and nobody cares if Dave doesn’t sing half the time, the DLR shows were so much more entertaining, it’s not even close. There, I said that.

  3. Sorry to say this ; but DLR is just as big of an Ass-Bag Tool that you can find (other than L. Ulrich) . He really never could sing (especially live) ! He spends more time bragging about being in VanHalen when he should come clean and admit that the VanHalen brothers , Michael Anthony and his rich dad carried his ass !

  4. Both of U morons dont get it!! It was 2 Totally different bands w the same name. Just different front men/singers. And they BOTH made great music. Period!!

  5. Yes two bands, but after Van Halen how much was DLR in the spotlight. He only made it back a little while ago, and the album wasn’t that good. Sammy is still doing very good, and still has a substantial following. DLR was really nothing without Van Halen.

  6. Every one of your favorite Eddie Van Halen guitar riffs, every one of your favorite Alex Van Halen drum rhythms, every one of your favorite Michael Anthony bass lines…

    …are all on albums David Lee Roth sang on.

    Be serious.

  7. Aside from being careless with the comments, you have to admit that VH is not VH without Diamond Dave.

  8. They didn’t release a greatest hits album called ‘Best of Both Worlds’ for nothing. Dave and Sammy were two completely different Van Halens. Instead of everyone comparing who was better, why don’t you just accept both for the different greatnesses they gave the music world. And if you don’t want to, just remember VH3 😳🤮

  9. It was great while it lasted but since the band’s name was Van Halen Dave’s ego couldn’t take it. He wanted the full spotlight,and name recognition.2 narcissists who would not compromise. Suck it up and play. Give the fans what they want and make that money.

  10. No matter who the front man is with Van Halen. Van Halen will always be the greatest band in the world. Eddie Van Halen his brother Alex Michael Anthony and yes David Lee Roth were Van Halen. But Sammy Hagar came in and did some beautiful stuff too there’s two different errors of Van Halen. Let’s just love them both and rock on.

  11. May the rock gods bless Van Halen. They were the best in their own rights. We lost one of the greatest guitar players in the world. I don’t care David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. Far as I’m concerned they were both Van Halen. Rest in peace Eddie.

  12. Sammy Hagar was a fill in, he’s genaric!!!! A good comparison is Ripper Owens singing for Judas Priest, thats an example of a band member over simply being a fill in and bringing a whole new sound!!!! Everybody fell in love with V.H. WITH DAVE SINGING.PERIOD thats the sound, Sammy came in and simply made Sammy Hagar “albums” with V.H. brothers playing instruments. They stopped making music as V.H. but was a completely different band, so not even comparable!!!! SO GET OVER THINKING THAT “VAN HAGAR” WAS THE SAME AS VAN HALEN THE DIFFERENCE WAS ALOT DEEPER THAN JUST THE LEAD SINGER!!!!

  13. Hmm funny how this started off being about Nikki book…..and ends with a Van Halen lead singer fight….lol…I love this! Motley Crue fan here. DLR Van Halen fan and Sammy VAN Halen fan here. “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  14. You’re way off base Robert … Dave is the one who suggested the name “Van Halen” for the band.

  15. Yo, y’all talking…. might as well throw in my 2 cents. The last comment was the only one,….. the fans and what they want are the only reason it’s even a topic of discussion. Never forget that. If they aren’t paying you’re not playing.

  16. Dave still thinks he can sing when all he does is jump around and does cart wheels on stage. #VAINMUCH
    And Hagar was a much better singer for the band. Glad him and Eddie straighten things out before his passing. #LONGLIVEEVH

  17. DLR was a sniveling diva and apparently still thinks he’s relevant enough to continue to act like one…SH was the better version of VH and it shows in the music and morale of the band in those days….The best thing about DLR was his hair….Now Nikki on the other hand, he was great back then, he’s gotten better on so many levels as the years have passed while DLR looks like Nikki should (from his own accounts of partying…lol) and can’t hold a tune to save his life …period

  18. There will always be debates with Van Halen, the bottom line is they were both responsible for great rock anthems! Diamond Dave was an important part of the early sound of the band, but he made his choice, left the group to try and make it on his own! Sammy was an important part of the more mature sound of the band! There shouldn’t be any comparison, because they are two different time periods, both equally important! We should be thankful we had the opportunity to have such great music to listen to because of it! Rest in peace Eddy, the bottom line is you were Van Halen!!!

  19. Yes DLR was a diva and Sammy said it himself in an earlier interview when somebody wanted both Sammy & David to do a show….DLR refused to go on first and SH to close. Sammy said it best “I don’t need this or VH, I have a pretty good solo gig going and have my own fans and made tons-o-dough being Sammy

  20. You have to admit DLR and the early years of VH was what got the band the to the stars and they kicked a** and when DLR and the band parted ways Sammy came in and the band still kicked a** I’m a huge fan of VH and Eddie was a guitar god ,, I’ve got songs that DLR done that I could never imagine SH do and vice versa with the argument being who was the better frontman It really didn’t matter from the 70’s thru to now in 2021 all the way to 2050’s and beyond we as Van Halen fans will have their A** Kicking Rock

  21. It sucks to see all the guys that where total f’n bedazzes back in the day turn into a bunch a whiney cry babies. Dave was awesome but drank too much and so he slipped away after a LONG RUN. CRUE total must haves in any collection and shortly after succeas…… drugs, alcohol and the expansion of Vinces’ waist combined with the extension of his voice. Yall should love what you DID like WE DO and leave the drama out of it. Be CRUE, Be DLR, be f’n Taylor Swift for Christ sake just leave babies at home with a sitter, we don’t G.A.F. about your soap opera.

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