Metallica Coach Reveals Never-Heard-Before Moment Between Lars Ulrich And Dave Mustaine

Metallica Coach Reveals Never-Heard-Before Moment Between Lars Ulrich And Dave Mustaine

Metallica performance coach Phil Towle has revealed a never-heard-before moment between Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine and said Ulrich tried to heal Mustaine‘s soulful part.

Lars Ulrich is the drummer who gained international fame with his works with his co-founded heavy metal band Metallica. Contributing to the band’s every release, Lars Ulrich is considered one of the most inspiring drummers of all time. He achieved a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2009 after Metallica has rocked the world with its greatness.

On the other hand, Dave Mustaine was the lead guitarist of the Grammy Award-winner Metallica. Officially being a member of the band from 1982 until his early departure in 1983, Mustaine has not appeared in any albums of them during that tenure. He then co-wrote four tracks for 1983’s Kill ‘Em All, co-wrote two tracks for Ride The Lightning, and was a part of the compilation album Cliff ‘Em All.

When Metallica decided to fire Dave Mustaine due to personal problems with Lars Ulrich, the band signed Kirk Hammett in the lead guitar position. Before they dismissed Mustaine from the band, they let Mustaine and Ulrich make a conversation to solve the problem. It didn’t work, and Dave Mustaine was officially fired from the band.

During the recent episode of the …And Podcast For All podcast, the former psychotherapist who helped Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, and Lars Ulrich to repair their friendship with Jason Newsted, Phil Towle, revealed unseen sides of the Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine speech. According to Towle, Lars Ulrich tried to heal Mustaine‘s soul.


“The Mustaine session itself was pivotal for Lars and Dave, but it wasn’t complete for Dave,” he said. “I mean, obviously.

“It was the first chance that Mustaine had to be able to purge. And I think Lars did a great job of opening up and doing his best to take it on without trying to change Dave’s mind. He couldn’t really answer the soulful part of Dave’s pain; he couldn’t heal that pain.

“Dave has to heal that pain in response to what was going on. But the conversation was an opener; it was a great opener for them to be able to…”

It Was An Opportunity For Lars Ulrich And Dave Mustaine To Repair Their Relationship

Towle then claimed that it was an opportunity for both of those musicians to heal their relationship as they were speaking about the Metallica documentary Some Kind Of Monster. Towle also referred to Metallica‘s taking stage with Dave Mustaine in San Francisco in 2011 to celebrate the 30th-anniversary of the band.

“It was a way for each of them to communicate what was in their heart and on their minds,” Towle continues.

“And like so many parts of life, it had its own standalone features, but it wasn’t standalone. It was an opportunity for both of them to reconnect in healthy way.

“Look what happened — they brought Mustaine back when they were inducted into the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame, right? [he referred 2011 reunion] So, that led to that; I’m sure that was part of it.”

Back in October 2021, Dave Mustaine had claimed that Lars Ulrich is afraid of doing more Big Four shows in the future, even though the metal community wants to see more The Big shows.

​”All I needed to do was agree with them [to do more Big Four shows],” Mustaine says. “We were out on the road and our then-manager said Metallica was talking about doing it. My reply was, ​’As long as it’s the Big Four and not Metallica and the three amigos, I’m down!’

“The first show was in Poland and Metallica hosted a ​’welcome to the tour’ party. We all went to break the ice.

“I would love for there to be more, and I’d be willing to do it. But remember, Slayer are retired, and for some reason, Lars [Ulrich, drums] is afraid of doing more Big Four shows. He’ll tell you it’s already been done, but I think the fans want it. The heavy metal community wants more Big Four shows.”

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