Alice Cooper Breaks Silence On Touring Decision: “Everything Should Go Back To What It Was”

The world-famous legendary rock musician Alice Cooper has spoken out with the Kaaos TV and shared his current thoughts about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many shows and festivals canceled or postponed. During an interview, Alice Cooper touched the shows’ current situation and stated that all can’t wait to get back on it. He described them as “racehorses.”

He said the following words: “I think what they’re saying now is at the beginning of 2021, they’re gonna have a vaccine for everybody. But I think that when this coronavirus runs its course – ’cause it will; it will finally die out – I can’t imagine why people would not go back to what they used to do, [which is] go to concerts. Because the monster’s gone. Why worry about him now? He’s gone. So everything should go back to what it was. But I still think it’s probably a good idea to get a vaccination for it.”

Alice Cooper has also touched the good sides of rock tours.

“The good thing about rock tours is that everybody is off right now, and everybody is gonna go back on tour. I mean, there’s nobody sitting there going, ‘Oh, I’m never gonna tour again.’ We all can’t wait to get back on tour. We’re like racehorses ready to run.”

Here’s the entire interview:


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