Motley Crue’s Vince Neil’s Last Ever Photo Revealed After Hard Workout Process

The American heavy metal band Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil’s one of the recent poses has been revealed by his makeup artist girlfriend Rain Hannah.

With a recent social media post shared by Vince Neil’s girlfriend, she disclosed her boyfriend Vince Neil’s last ever post-workout photo to celebrate Independence Day.

In the photo she shared, Vince Neil and Rain Hannah were posing cheek to cheek, and they look quite happy. When we look at Vince Neil, who criticized by Motley Crue fans because of his overweight, his body looks a bit better than before.

In the caption, she wrote the following letter:

“Live love and laugh like you’ve never before… Happy Independence Day ~ USA!! It’s our day to celebrate our freedoms even in these uncertain of times! Know we all have the free will to do righteous things, as we would want done to thyself. Hold your family and friends close. Tell them you love them every chance you get. Life is fragile Carpe Diem!!”

As a response to her social media post, many fans wrote as a comment that how a great couple they are. Many of them touched Vince Neil’s weight and said he looks better than before.

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  1. So Vince got fat. He’s an old guy now what do people expect, no one stays beautiful forever. So give the guy a break

  2. What can say about Mr. Neil he was a great front man for a kick ass band have to give him the credit he kicked ass during is early reign of the 80’s. was fortunate to have seen them play at Perkins palace in Pasadena then in Santa Monica new Years eve they kicked ass. So what if he has gained some weight it happens but one thing is for sure he has accomplished what most of us would dream about doing.

    Vince you kick ass no matter what

  3. Dude killed someone while drink and or high, and basically got off scot free. So he’s never going to have peace no matter what happens. He’s done. Life is a game and everyone is a character in it. Vince will always be haunted for the life he took. That is his one and only destiny.

  4. People get older, if he would of had plastic surgery I wouldn’t have any more respected him, age gracefully quit picking on weight issues.

  5. I’m a 53-year-old dude as well never was in it for Vinces looks because I’m a dude as well but he sure could saying what a hell of a band long live Mötley Crüe

  6. Vince is hardly a ‘frontman’; He’s been completely overshadowed by Tommy Lee since the beginning and Nikki Sixx has always drawn more attention too, It would be kind to put Vince in a third place ‘popularity’ tie with Mick Mars.

  7. @J I’m sure him losing his daughter at such a young age has nothing to do with him being haunted. She probably wasn’t his destiny either and definitely wasn’t what or who gave him peace at night. You’re right tho, it was that one mistake that made him overweight.

  8. when i get high, i get high from beef, topped with onion rings a drug for me…

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