Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Reacts A Disrespectful Photo Includes Donald Trump And Barack Obama

The 61-year-old bassist Nikki Sixx, known with his golden years with Motley Crue, has just shared a new tweet on his Twitter account and reacted a photo including the current president of United States, Donald Trump, and former president Barack Obama.

In the photo he shared, Donald Trump was lying in the coffin while Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, and Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, was posing around the coffin. Of course, it was a photoshop.

When Nikki talked about the photo, he said that it was extremely rude.

Nikki put the following words for the describe the photo: “Saw this online and thought it was extremely rude!!!!”

Also, while a fan writes, “It’s vile. I guarantee none of them would be okay with this, no matter how they feel about the way he handles things in office,” Nikki Sixx replied by saying that it was true.

Also, the former president Obama has recently made an online appeared and stated by addressing Trump that the pandemic showed many officials were not “even pretending to be in charge.”

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