KISS Star Gene Simmons Explains The Secret Of His Makeup

New York-based rock band KISS bassist Gene Simmons kept in touch with his fans during world-threat coronavirus lockdown and explained how he put “KISS makeup” on his face at every show he played after the fans’ endless questions.

Recently, the successful bassist exposed the questions about how he putting his epic stage makeup on his face. Tired of the questions and thinking that he can not answer everyone individually, Gene Simmons brought fans that the make-up video he made with his daughter Sophie Simmons in 2014.

The 14-min video shared via Cosmopolitan YouTube channel was starting with his daughter Sophie Simmons‘ introduction. She was explaining what Gene Simmons will do in the video and stating that he was going to show fans on her how he does his legendary “KISS makeup.”

Meanwhile, while she was talking, Gene Simmons appeared and showed himself. After her words, he chimed in and explained what anyone has to do if they want to real KISS face.

Gene Simmons added the following words in the social media about the video: “I know you’ve seen this one..but some of you have asked if I actually put on my makeup at every show. Ok. Here’s how I do it…”

When he shared the video and explained how they can do, many fans replied to him saying that they will try that epic makeup in this coronavirus lockdown. They also didn’t forget the thank Gene Simmons for the video.

Gene Simmons has recently talked about the current touring situation of KISS and stated that they can start their ongoing “End Of The Word” tour when the scientists say the world is ready.

KISS scheduled to conclude its “End of the Road” farewell tour in New York City on July 17, 2021. The place will be announced.

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