KISS Recalls The Special Sold-Out Show They Played

47-year rock band KISS has just updated its classic “KISSTORY” series with a new post they shared on their social media accounts and took fans back to the recording process of their first live album, “Alive!”

With a recent post shared through social media, KISS took fans to 1975 and recalled the show they played at TFC Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.

KISS wrote the following caption in the description of the social media post: “#KISSTORY – May 16th, 1975 – #KISS headlined Detroit’s Cobo Hall for the first time. The sold-out show was part of the first of five shows that were recorded for KISS ALIVE!”

While the story attracting great interest from the fans, some of them wrote the album is one of the greatest live albums ever released. Some of them expressed their saddened because today KISS would be in São Paulo, but they don’t play due to coronavirus pandemic.

The first live album of KISS, “Alive!,” which released on September 10, 1975, is considered to be their breakthrough and a landmark for live albums.

Here’s the post shared by KISS:

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