Steel Panther’s Satchel Makes Flash Comments About Ed Sheeran

In a new appearance with The Captain, Satchel, the guitarist of the American rock band Steel Panther, which formed in Los Angeles in 2000, has talked about the English singer Ed Sheeran and made flash comments about him.

When the interviewer asked, “Who do you sort of measure yourself against if you’re getting more girls than say, Ed Sheeran? Would that do good?”, Satchel replied:

“You know, Ed Sheeran, obviously Ed Sheeran doesn’t get a lot of girls. People think that Ed Sheeran gets a lot of girls, obviously, ‘Well, he’s a pop star, so there’s gonna be some gold diggers after him, right?’”

Also, the successful guitarist has compared Ed with Whitesnake legend David Coverdale.

“But he doesn’t have the sex appeal. Like, yeah, he’s 25 years old, but look at David Coverdale. David, he just turned 92, and David Coverdale is dating, like, Sports Illustrated models.

“Like, he just throws them out, like, ‘I’m done with you, on to the next one,’ because he’s a rock star, and that’s what we’re trying to pattern our life after – guys like David Coverdale.

He continued: “Ed Sheeran, I mean, that’s cool if you want to date a 15-year-old girl, and some guys do. [Laughs] I’m not into that. I need them like in that prime age range between 19 to 19 and a half.”

The 49-year-old guitarist Satchel‘s full name is Russell John Parrish.

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