Motley Crue Singer Vince Neil’s Latest Body Pose Revealed, He Is Not Overweight!

The world-known heavy metal band Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah, also known as the makeup artist, has just added a new moment to her social media and showed the latest appearance of her boyfriend, Vince Neil.

In the photo shared by her, she and Vince Neil were spending their quarantine times in their pool. While Rain was sitting outside of the pool, Vince was lying on the floating air bed inside of the pool.

When she posted the pose, she put a special sticker for his boyfriend, Vince Neil. In the sticker, it was writing, “You are my sunshine.”

Before Rain Hannah‘s social media post, Vince Neil showed the recent situation of his body and sent a new pose while going out for essentials.

On past December, Motley Crue manager Kovac confirmed that some members are preparing the band’s 2020 Stadium shows with a personal trainer and nutritionist.

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  1. If u really wanna know what kind of shape he’s in have him stand up in front of the camera with no shirt on. I love Motley Crue and I hope he’s taking this weight thing serious because he’s had plenty of time with all this going on to drop 20 or 30 pounds.

  2. Fuking awesome vinnie…. You did it brada…. We all were so worried a heartattack was going to take you from us rabid fans of the crue…

    You look fantastic ….

    Phillip mckeown

  3. Few 8 balls of the old good stuff and boom hello 150 pounds in 2 weeks lol

  4. Such bullshit. I have yet to see a full body length of Vince.. rarely do we see an ACTUAL photo of Vince in shape 🙄

  5. I have yet to see any photos of the bands rehearsals. Probably either cancelled or it’ll be play back.

  6. Maybe in 2021. But let’s keep it real. Vince can not sing those songs like he did when he was young. I’ve been to the last 2 farewell aka final shows. One in NYC one in Las Vegas. While I had a great time, the songs were not even close to what they use to be. Does Vince’s weight have a lot to do with it? I say hell yeah! When he moves around stage his voice clearly diminishes. As a huge fan, I wish them all the best but their best days are in the past and unless there is real commitment, they should just let this go. Time catches all of us. Even Joe Elliot from Def Leppard just doesn’t sound that good anymore.

  7. Wtf, people have nothing better to do than hate. Give Vince some credit he looks good. All you haters talking about how fat and out of shape he is better hope karma doesn’t bite you in the ass when you’re his age. Maybe people will be posting nasty comments about your appearence.

  8. Vince has lost his shape, his voice and his charm…what little charm he had , that is. Wouldn’t go see him now; even if ticket was comped!
    So tired of these once amazing rockers and groups charging an arm and a leg on look unto be completely disappointed. Time to hang up the mic!

  9. I look great in that position too. Lol. I’m sure he will do awesome. He’s a f’ing rock star. He should be more worried about sounding good.

  10. Been a fan since 83….but Vince wtf happened …..the other guys have changed their appearance w time….you changed EVERYTHING…..from your clowncopying plastic surgery botch job to size xxxlarge ….what do u use for a belt …a bungy chord…haha…looks like the new Vince neil ate the old 1….with so much money…i mean sooooo much wasted money….u could of spent it better things ….like a salad n some low carb foods…p.s. U fat bastard……know what a perfect 10 would standing next to u side by side…i would be the number 1…u would be the O…lmao

  11. Also the pic in the pool looks like the ripoff album cover of a band back in the 80s. I can’t remember what band tho….maybe Great white…something…it’ll come to me

  12. 1 other thing..that must be a Huuuuuge pool……because if we’re a normal size u would not be on top..u would be on the bottom. Where the vermiculite is…because ur fatass would push all the water out!!!!!. …….the only beer u should be drinking on that float is diet birch beer fat boy….n I’m not refering to your harley!!!!!

  13. Where all the woke females to defend Vince? I guess it’s ok to Fat shame men. Where

  14. You all dogging Vince but say u love him i sure dont see the love in some of y’alls words maybe not worry bout his body let him he looks great and his bank account and carrer continues to grow. Love u Vince and Rain xoxo

  15. For the love of everything I can possibly think of, can you pleeease think of something else other than Vince Neils ‘new body’ to report about? Pleeeeease?
    It’s getting so old and lame!
    Man I really love the Crue’ still but seeing an article every. single. day. about the new body’s that it is becoming SO obnoxious and annoying! 🙄 Honestly… is there anything else in his OR their lives to read about???
    Are they reeeeally leading that boring of a life now?
    (Maybe so… they have everything else I guess maybe money cannot buy you much more than this?)

  16. That why he is sucking in his belly, and stiff in this pool picture. So staged this photo is. “OK, honey, hurry, I can’t hold my breath any longer, take the photo! ” lol!!!

  17. I checked out the link in this article to his post of him getting food while quarantined. It was a selfie on his social media page. To be honest,based on the width of his chest and the size that shirt looks,I don’t think his body looks “fit”. For his health,I hope not.

  18. Motley Crue rocks forever! Fuck all the haters. I paid $1100 for two tickets and I will every time they come to Atlanta. Nikki Sixx rules! Go Motley or stay the fuck at home!

  19. All but the fattest of people look decent in that pose. Congratulations to Vince, he’s not fat from his knees down. If he can’t get himself slimmed down during this lockdown I doubt he’ll ever be able to do it.

  20. I remember back in the 80s when Vince Neil would ALWAYS make really nasty comments about fat chicks,only screw ’em cuz they can pay to get home, they’re desperate,…etc🙄…..tell me Vince,how do you feel now?🤨I feel you’re just getting some Karma😉🙂By the way,Motley Crue has been rocking in my life since 82,you guys are the best❤️

  21. Who gives a shit. Maybe he should take singing lessons and re-learn the songs so he can sing every word instead of every fourth word. Stay retired.

  22. Dude live your life fuck everyone expecting you to be some kind of God that cant be who you are….human!!!

  23. The fact that any of these guys are still alive is amazing.. Leave Vince alone about his weight.. Time catches up to us all.. I saw them a few years back and they were great.. Keep rocking! 🤘🤘

  24. Hello everyone🤘
    Everyone ofcourse has a right to there opinions and comments👍I must say that i do not understand what the reason for the rude ,ignorant comments are about.Vince is a flippin rockstar,always was,always will be.
    Do people expect us to all look like what we did when we were 18 or 25 years old?He still to this day kills it at concerts.I have been going to his concerts for 30 years🧡I still love him and MOTLEY.
    For bands to be loved decade after decade,for parents introducing there kids to them is amazing.I will always,do now,always will be a crazy fan;so will many people that i know .Thank you for the years of music ,keep it coming.I LOVE MOTLEY🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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