Kirk Hammett Named The Key Song Of Metallica

The legendary heavy metal band Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who joined the band in 1983 following the departure of Dave Mustaine, spoke with Metal Hammer during coronavirus quarantine and made a flash claim about the band.

While he talks about the band’s early days, he was asked a question about a For Whom The Bell Tolls, which taken from their second studio album Ride the Lightning. When he started to talk, Kirk Hammett praised Cliff Burton and choose the track as a key song of the band.

“That was a key song for us. Again, that intro was a Cliff thing – he’d play it all the time, and the rest of would stiffen up and go, ‘What the heck was that?’ That was completely his own creation – it’s just this weird chromatic thing, the note choice.

“It’s just highly unconventional even to this day. Did anyone ask us to make the intro shorter? No, we were all 100 per cent committed to every single note, every single beat.”

Ride The Lightning was released 1 year after Kirk Hammett joined the band, July 27, 1984.

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