Motley Crue Fans Believes That The Band Should Postpone The 2020 Stadium Tour

Recently, on May 1, the world-famous heavy metal band Motley Crue and Def Leppard have released a new official update about their upcoming Stadium Tour, which scheduled to kick off in Jacksonville on June 18, and revealed that they’ve been hard at work preparing for it.

Although the statement excited many fans who want to see them in their countries as scheduled, Motley Crue and Def Leppard fans were divided two many sides about the issue. While some fans defended that this threat will disappear until June, some of them believed that bands should postpone or cancel shows.

When we look at the band’s and artists’ recent social media posts comments, many fans are uncomfortable about the issue. You can read some examples of it.

As a response to Motley Crue, a fan named Jerry explained the current situation and stated that all shows this summer have been canceled or postponed. He also called Motley Crue and Def Leppard to the do same behavior.

A fan Rome Van Lara has also complained the same issue.

The situation was same with Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx.

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  1. I don’t think it’s up to the bands if the virus is as bad as it is right now the state will shut it down for them.

  2. it’s not up to the bands. And for the record, there are states open for concerts. Not all of America is infected.

  3. Hey motley I’m a big fan of yours but common are you guys broke or just selfish because with all this crap going on there is a lot of folks out that can sure use the money from those tickets I know it’s been ages since you had to buy a concert ticket but believe me they are not cheep and some of your fans can use that money for none of your business cancel postpone or do whatever it takes for people to be able to get the money to use it for now and don’t worry we will see you again when you reschedule

  4. Ticketmaster WILL NOT refund the tickets if shows are rescheduled, only cancelled. Unless someone else has heard otherwise…

  5. I’ve been seeing and listening to these bands since their beginning. And from what i have seen, with the drug use and marrying 20 + year old little girls can eat your money up. I seen crue 5 xs in 30 years, the last time was a total embarrassment. Vice needs to loose about 60 pounds, Tommy has no clue where he is, and Mick , well, I’ve seen the dead move better. And Joel Elliott, loose some weight grandpa and retire gracefully. If it’s for the money, maybe a job at Wal-Mart and your social security can get you through.

  6. I feel the concerts should be canceled. I have tickets for SFO, however we cancelled our flights and hotel. We would live to go but there is no way we are risking it. We are not in a position to throw away the cost of the tickets as no one is especially now. I feel you should do the right thing and cancel so the refunds can be issued true fans will repurchase once this is all over and the world has time to recover. Think of your fans wallets not your own.

  7. All valid comments, but it’s simple…….. the promoters, and bands have an ethical responsibility do the right thing based on the health of the fans and based on the health of bands and all folks they employ. Canceling and rescheduling for 2021 or 2022 is a better idea… we will be there ready to Rock ON!

  8. Good grief…yeah, let’s just cancel life over something that has a 99% recovery rate. Unless there are scheduled dates in nursing homes, all this is a total overreaction. More risk driving to the shows for most people. The fear mongering is out of control.

    If you have to, open the tour August 9 in Atlanta and reschedule the earlier dates.

  9. For all you crying babies asking them to cancel!….Don’t fucking go if you’re scared!!! PLEASE DONT CANCEL CRUE!!! Let the whiny babies stay home and cry!!

  10. I have flights and hotels booked from uk but if it’s not to go ahead so be it there is always another time I am hoping it goes ahead though because this pandemic shit is over exaggerating

  11. It’s the flu people….stop running scared, the governor of CA is a jackoff and has no real knowledge of this virus. For the real Crue fans, we are going, all of you who don’t want to go, stay home so I have a better view-I’ll send you video two weeks after the show to show all of you I’m still alive. You people need to venture out where the grub hub people are, as well as your first line responders. That is, please Motley Crue, do a show for the “essential people” – that would be awesome.

  12. No fans don’t want the tour canceled a few cry baby pussies want the tour canceled because they are scared of a f-ing cold or spent money on tickets they shouldn’t have. Music don’t stop for a cold. Easy solution If your scared of this bullshit cold don’t come. If you wanna rock out with the best names in the business raise hell till we get our shows

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