The Rolling Stones Bassist Darryl Jones Reveals How Bass Playing Affected His Body

The 58-year-old musician Darryl Jones, known for the bassist of The Rolling Stones, made his latest appearance on Bass Player Magazine and revealed if his bass career affects negatively to his body condition.

While he discusses the issue, the successful bassist said he tried many combinations to play comfy. He also said he has been lucky and explained why he thinks like that.

“Not very much, man. I will say that there are a few moves that I do with my fingers that I look at now from the position of ‘Is barring that way, and playing that first note with your finger, is that sustainable?’ I think, ‘Maybe I need to find a better way to play that stuff…’

“But I’ve been very lucky. I haven’t had many back issues, I’ve not had many issues with my hands. It’s just about getting older and understanding that a joint might be a little bit sore after playing something, and how I can find another way to do it that is less demanding on joints and fingers.”

Darryl Jones rocks stage with The Rolling Stones since 1993.

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  1. Has playing lighter height basses help your back ?. Ive played some you barely need a strap

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