Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee Disappointed Fans With His Important Decision

Tommy Lee, who is very busy with whether Motley Crue‘s 2020 Stadium Tour will be cancelled or not, is also struggling with disrespect which made by fans. The successful drummer has announced with a new statement he shared through his social accounts that he is no longer answering fan mail after some disrespectful behaviors.

Recently, Tommy Lee showed his fans several examples of that some fans selling the signed photographs, which sent by Tommy Lee to them, on the auction site. Seeing this, Tommy Lee pissed off and reacted harshly to them and wrote the following statement on his social media:

“Just wanted to do a public post saying that I’m done doing Fan mail. I thought I was doing the right thing by addressing the fan mail to people by their names so that they wouldn’t be re-sold online but now people are being so shady that they are whiting out their names and reselling on eBay.

“I’m done taking my precious time to have people eBay my signature. There are literally hundreds. Hundreds of hours wasted. Those of you that got a signature, I hope you enjoy it & appreciate it, and those of you that are selling can go fuck yourselves!!! I’M DONE! DON’T SEND ANYMORE AUTOGRAPH REQUESTS.”

In the comments of the Facebook post, some fans agreed in one thought and condemned people who made disrespect behaviors during this difficult coronavirus pandemic. They also sent him their gratitude for spending his precious time for his fans.

Also, with a recent statement shared through their social media channels, Motley Crue announced that they’ve been hard at work preparing for the Stadium Tour. It was also mentioned that the official update about the process will be announced until June 1.

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  1. Can’t stand this dude… he acts like a tough guys but he’s a sissy/ coward

  2. Oh, boo fucking hoo… TOMMY: “I’m so rich and famous, people are selling my autograph…” I think there are more pressing issues going on In the world right now, slick. Get a clue.

  3. You have the right to do what you want. To me that doesn’t take away from your talent. Just know that if I had your autograph, I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money.

  4. So sorry Tommy. People can really suck! My home is filled with “Offical” Crue memorabilia. I completely understand your feelings about this, coming from a family of musicians.

    Memorabilia and autographed merch should be cherished! ❤ I’ve loved the Crue since 1981, never missed a show, from the Whiskey to the final tour!

    Don’t let fake fans get you down, people will do anything for a damn dollar!

    Thanks dude for many years of killer tours and parties on the strip, memories I’ll never forget. 😊

    “When I say MOTLEY ….. you say CRUE, when I say FUCK, you say YOU! That’s history for ya! We turned that Jack Daniels up, back in the day.

    Get ready to ROCK & see ya soon. Peace & Love!

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