Mike Shinoda Upset Fans On Linkin Park’s Return: “We Don’t Have The Focus On It”

Mike Shinoda Upset Fans On Linkin Park's Return: "We Don’t Have The Focus On It"

In a new appearance on Tuna On Toast Podcast, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda has discussed when his band will return to live shows and made some comments that might upset Linkin Park fans.

Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in 1996. Releasing 7 studio albums throughout its career, the band had received its international success with its debut studio album, Hybrid Theory, which was released in 2000. Selling more than 100 million albums worldwide, Linkin Park is one of the best-selling bands of the 21st century.

In 2017, Linkin Park took on hiatus after the tragic passing of the band’s legendary vocalist, Chester Bennington. Although they returned to music in 2020, the band remained on hiatus between Bennington‘s death and 2020.

On the other hand, Chester Bennington was the lead vocalist of Linkin Park from 1999 to 2017. The musician had performed in the entire studio albums of Linkin Park during his 18-year career.

Linkin Park‘s surviving members, Mike Shinoda, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson, had performed last time on October 27, 2017, for the Linkin Park and Friends: Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington tribute show. At the show, Oli Sykes, Jonathan Davis, and M. Shadows were some of those who joined them.

However, recently, the band’s vocalist Shinoda has opened up whether the band thinks to return to live shows. Saying that he could still tour physically, Shinoda explained why it’s not the time to watch Linkin Park‘s return.

“For me, I’m like, okay physically I could still tour,” he says. “That part’s good. Hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon.

“But now is not the time [for Linkin Park’s return]. We don’t have the focus on it. We don’t have the math worked out. And I don’t mean that by financially math, I mean that like emotional and creative math.”

Shinoda Says It’s Awful To Watch Linkin Park In Hologram Form

Elsewhere in the interview, Mike Shinoda has also shared his honest opinion on his band Linkin Park‘s live shows in hologram form. According to him, it’s awful to see Linkin Park in hologram form.

“Negative a million percent,” Shinoda says. “I hate the idea of doing a Linkin Park hologram thing. It’s awful.”

Back in 2019, Mike Shinoda had revealed whether the band wants to recruit a new vocalist after Chester Bennington. He said that if they find somebody in a good fit, it might be happening.

“That’s not my goal right now,” Shinoda had said. “I think it has to happen naturally.

“If we find somebody that’s a great person that we think is a good personality fit and a good stylistic fit, then I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody. I wouldn’t want to ever feel like we were replacing Chester [Bennington].

“We all thrive making and performing music, and so to not do that, I think, is hard.

“It definitely would be hard for me. I didn’t want to spend the last year not doing it, and I knew that the band wasn’t ready to do it, so I wanted to go do it myself.”

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  1. Hey you Mike shinoda this is Michael Walters and I am very disappointed in you guys,and that’s not to upset you, but I think Chester Bennington would want you guys to ask your fans what they want you guys to do,because after all your fans made you guys one of the greatest bans to come along in a long time so as yours biggest fan,I think it would be time to find another singer who sounds almost the same as Chester sonds and I would strongly suggest that you guys don’t think at like you are replacing your best friend and business partner,because I truly think that theirs way to much talent hiding behind close doors I mean don’t get me wrong I as well as other fans really miss ours greatest and beloved friend just like you guys do,so with that being said I’m pretty sure that your fans and me want to see you on the the road again sooner then later please consider what I’m saying, and I really think it would heal all the hurt you guys been through, and although I’ve never got the chance to see you guys in a live concert this would be awesome.p.s I get the feeling you fans feel the same way, and if you don’t believe me just ask them ok.

  2. Io vorrei rivedervi dal vivo con nuova musica pronta per noi ad essere ascoltata e che andiate avanti con Mike oppure un nuovo cantante non mi cambia è da troppo tempo che non ci siete più e non vedo L’ ora che torniate tra di noi

  3. They should go the way of joy division. After Ian Curtis killed himself the band reformed into New order.

  4. Dear Mike, (Shinoda) back at the turn of the millennium my best friend introduced me to your music, and we absolutely loved it. One regret I have is never seeing you guys perform live, I love live music, there’s nothing better. Since Chester’s passing, I have watched many of LP’s concerts on YouTube. Mike, my friend you guys are AWESOME LIVE!! You guys are built to perform live, and I think that’s why your fan base is so huge. Not just because you put out great music, and doing so by reinventing yourselves with every album, but I think your fan base is so big because of the way you perform live and the way you interact with the crowd. That’s why they Love you so much!! That’s why we are all still so sad that Chester is gone. So with all this said, I hope LP can reunite and return to performing live. You guys have SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT from your fans, who I think most of them would agree with my comment. Much Love to the LP family and extended family! (Fans)

  5. I think u guys can still sing after all you guys are still awesome will always luv your band

  6. In response to what Michael J Walters said –

    Michael, you’re a fucking idiot. The idea that you or any fan would be trying to push them to continue touring when they might not be emotionally ready to take on that monumental task is insane. They lost someone that was extremely close to them in their personal lives. They likely saw, spoke, or were physically with Chester in person for over 18 years or more. That loss is hard for anyone and being able to return to touring regardless of what Chester would have wanted (which by the way, you nor does any fan truly know that, you only make assumptions) would be extremely taxing to ones mental and creative processes. They may at any point start questioning whether this is something Chester would be proud of, relating things back to Chester, or taking on more impending self-doubt or other emotional feelings. If you were a real fan you would support them and their choice no matter what they do. If they return to performing live then by all means support them. If they decide to stop indefinitely then that is there choice. Perhaps they might even ditch the name Linkin Park and retire it so they can opt to start a new band and advertise that band name at the end.

  7. To call some what an idiot is in itself an idiots perspective! Encouraging the band members is what I see and I too would encourage them as well. That loss and hurt is real. They and the qorld lost a gem however, life continues and I also would love to see LP return to greatness and as a Marince Corps veteran who suffers from PTSD and thoughts of suicide in the past, encouragement helps an awful lot and should not be looked upon as “pushing.” I like so many fans would like to see LP return to the studio and preform live again but in their own time frame. If they never do then so be it. They gave us all some really good music.

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