KISS Icon Paul Stanley Praises His 99-Aged Father After His Coronavirus Behavior

The American rock band KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley, also known as The Starchild, has just shared a new post on his Twitter account and praised his 99-aged father because of his practices while on coronavirus isolation.

The father of Paul Stanley, William Eisen, who tries to protect his health regardless of how old his age is, showed everyone that the fear caused by the coronavirus threat did not work on him and how much he paid attention to his health even though he was 99 years old.

In the video shared by Paul, William was holding to the kitchen counter and bends over. With the practice he did, his feet were getting stronger and relaxing.

“My Dad Will Be 100 YEARS OLD IN TWO WEEKS! Here’s What He’s Doing Today While In Covid-19 Isolation. WOW!!! So Proud. Go Dad,” Paul wrote in the tweet he shared.

The video inspired many people who watch it. Also, as the response to Paul, the people mentioned that William did a great job.

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