Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss Recalls The Unheard Moment She Lived With Queen’s Brian May

The current touring guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, who was the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars, has just updated her social media account with a new photo and revealed how she spends her self-isolating times during coronavirus pandemic.

Nita Strauss said she has been learning the world of stereo photography with Brian May‘s tools. While she opens how she learning it, she mentioned her chat with Queen star Brian May in Sydney during the “Fire Fight Australia” event. She revealed an unheard moment they lived at that time.

Nita Strauss sent the post with the following caption: “I’ve been enjoying learning about the world of stereo photography using these cool tools from @brianmayforreal’s @londonstereoscopiccompany.

“I first found out about stereo photos from Brian’s Instagram and we had a brief chat about it in Sydney at #FireFight! He even took a pretty stereo picture of me and showed me how to do it on an iPhone. If you’re interested in photography and the fascinating tricks it can play with your eyes, check out @londonstereoscopiccompany!! All their books (like this one, filled with rare 3-D Queen tour photos) are 50% off right now through their website.

“Thank you Brian for the generous care package, we are enjoying it so much!!”

In the comments of the photo, the fans wrote that Nita Strauss is a talented girl. They also congratulated her for spending her isolation times by doing activities, doing cardio and paying attention to her body, and staying healthy.

FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA, which took place at ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park on February 16, 2020, to help Australia after the death of close to a billion animals, the death of around 25 people and the destruction of many homes in Australian fires.

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  1. Nita Bobby Reed from Philadelphia it grate you johs got Merry you rock tougher and make good people love both im.die loyal die heart ❤️ who.give the acdc guitar pick at meet geet at Keswick tharte at Glenside pa Usa hope enjoy it let know Nita you johs and loud forever aways loyal die heart ❤️ fan and friend Bobby Reed from Philadelphia pa usa 🇺🇸

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