Michael Starr Corrects An Important Mistake About Steel Panther’s Bassist: “I Must Have Been Super Stoned”

Michael Starr Corrects An Important Mistake About Steel Panther's Bassist: "I Must Have Been Super Stoned"

Steel Panther singer Michael Starr has just updated his official Instagram account to correct an important mistake about his band’s bass player issue and said that they are still auditioning.

The American rock band Steel Panther formed in California in 2000. Firstly, the band’s original name was Metal Shop. Soon after, the band changed the name as Metal Skool, then into Steel Panther.

Debuted in 2009 with Feel The Steel, the band released 5 studio albums, 2 video albums, 14 singles, and 1 EP and more. The band’s fifth and latest album was Heavy Metal Rules, which was released on September 27, 2019, and consisted of ten tracks in total.

On July 17, 2021, the band’s long-time original bassist Lexxi Foxx had announced his departure. Later then, the band started auditioning and played several shows with the current bassist and backing vocalist Rikki Dazzle.

Recently, Michael Starr has corrected a big mistake he made about his band’s bass player. According to him, he told the current bassist Rikki Dazzle became their permanent bass player. Admitting that it was a mistake, the singer explained why he told that.

“After getting 432 texts this morning regarding my last post about Rikki Dazzle being our permanent bass player, I went back and had my assistant read me the actual headline,” he says.

“I must have been super stoned.”

Michael Says Steel Panther Still Auditions Bassists

Michael Starr has also informed fans about the current state of Steel Panther‘s bass place. Saying that Steel Panther still looks for new bassists, the singer mentioned their current bassist. According to him, Dazzle performed great for their band. Also, it is not clear whether the bassist will be male or female.

“To be clear: We are still in the audition process,” Michael continues.

“Rikki killed it hard and he will be hard to beat, but when we finally decide who the permanent guy or girl is, we will make an official announcement.

“Until then, stay high and rock hard.”

Furthermore, as some of those Steel Panther fans might remember, Satchel has revealed his honest opinion on the idea of hiring a female bassist for Steel Panther. He had quoted rude words for the possible option and made some people angry.

“Well, I don’t know about the whole misogyny thing, but if we did have a girl in the band, I would love to be able to fuck her when I can’t fuck somebody else, so that’s a cool thing,” Satchel told during a recent appearance on The 2020’d Podcast.

“And if we get a girl in the band, the first thing that we got to do at the audition is for her to suck all of our dicks.”

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