Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Becomes Toxic On His Length

The world-famous heavy metal band Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has just contacted fans with a new post he shared on his social media account and celebrated his son Layne Ulrich’s 19th birthday.

When he sent the photo, Lars Ulrich mentioned how tall his son Layne Ulrich is. He asked his son that what did he do to be tall like that. He also joked about his length and wrote the possibility of his shrinking.

Lars Ulrich included the following letter for the celebrate his birthday: “How the fuck did you get so tall…? Or am I shrinking? Wasn’t it just recently that…? What’s with the tag on the sweater? Either way, wishing you the biggest possible Happy Birthday… 19 years old and taking on the world with your coolness and your kindness. I love you Layne. Happy Fucking Daze Bruh! #wanna.”

As a comment to Lars Ulrich’s post, fans have also celebrated Layne’s birthday.

Recent days, Layne Ulrich and his brother Myles Ulrich have played the Beatles‘ classic “Eleanor Rigby.”

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