Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti Praises Metallica’s Master of Puppets

The American musician Mark Tremonti, best known as the lead guitarist of the 16-year rock band Alter Bridge, has talked about the heavy metal band Metallica and praised their third studio album “Master of Puppets.”

In a recent appearance with Speak N’ Destroy, while he talks on Metallica, the 46-year-old guitarist revealed his favorite album from the band and stated that it’s “Master of Puppets.” He admitted that he impressed by the vocals.

“I thought it was epic, I thought it was beautiful,” he said. “The musicianship was top-notch, the vocals were probably my favorite in the world.

“I had a little boombox that I got for Christmas that had a spectrum analyzer on it, so I could see the frequencies pop on the EQ.”

He continued: “I remember sitting there with my headphones on and stare at that thing. I would stare at that thing all night, hypnotized by the songs. It just sucked me in.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mark Tremonti has always shared his dream Metallica setlist and included Fight Fire With Fire, Hardwired, Am I Evil?, Ride The Lightning, Whiplash, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Sad But True, King Nothing, Fuel, Orion, One, and many more to it.

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