Metallica Adds More Screenings for S&M2

American heavy metal band Metallica recently announced that they have been added more screenings for S&M2 in worldwide cinemas on October 30th. Due to high demand, the film will be screened for another night in worldwide on October 30th.

Due to phenomenal demand, more screenings of S&M² have been added in cinemas worldwide on October 30th. If you missed it the first time or simply want to see it again, head over to to book your tickets.”

Recorded in San Francisco’s Chase Center between September 6 and 8S&M2 debuted in cinemas for one-night-only. Metallica and San Francisco Symphony proved themselves again what they can do together to the world. The S&M concert brought heavy metal and classical music together. The film, which released last week, was filmed in 96 countries and 3698 theater venues in international theaters.

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