Chris Jericho: “Lars Ulrich is The Ringo Starr of Heavy Metal”

Fozzy singer Chris Jericho told Metallica-related podcast “…And Podcast For All!” that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is the Ringo Starr of the heavy metal genre. He also defended Lars Ulrich‘s playing and said he is a huge fan of him.

Speaking about Lars Ulrich and his talents, Jericho said that Ulrich does the true thing what’s right for the tune.

“People bag on Lars — it’s a funny thing to do — just the same way that people bag on Ringo; it’s funny to bag on Ringo.

“Lars is now the Ringo of heavy metal. And what I mean by that is that Ringo plays what’s best for the song — not what the most flashy part is, not what is gonna get him on the cover of Modern Drummer. He plays what’s right for the tune. And that’s why Lars is great.”

“Lars was very influential back in days. But then, after ‘…And Justice For All’, ‘What am I gonna do? I’m not Charlie Benante. I’m not Dave Lombardo.’ These are the guys that kind of in a competition with. ‘I’ve gotta go the other way and do the Phil Rudd…’

“And he also loves Clive Burr of Iron Maiden, which is why most of his fills are just on the snare. I said, ‘Why do you do that?’ He said, ‘Clive Burr.’ And I’m, like, ‘Ahhh.’ Clive Burr rarely uses toms too.”

Later, Jericho said that he is a big fan of Lars Ulrich.

“I’m a big fan of Lars’s playing. Listen, is he always completely in time? Does he speed up and slow down live? Well, he does, but guess what? That’s fucking live rock and roll, man. And a lot of people hate it, and I get it.

“Listen, if you’re going to [see] Metallica and you’re worried because the tempo increases or decreases sometimes, you’re probably not there for the same reason that I am.”

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