Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine’s Unseen Post-Treatment Photo Revealed

The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine‘s daughter, Electra Mustaine, also known as the recording artist/actress, has just shared a new moment she lived with his family in Paris and revealed one of the rarest post-treatment photos of his father Dave Mustaine.

In the post she shared, there was a collage and Dave Mustaine was in the first photo of it. He was posing with her daughter while celebrating Electra‘s birthday.

She took the following words to describe the moment: “Throwback to celebrations in Paris earlier this year with my family and friendz, who i miss so much! …oh yes, & when i took a knife to this chocolate cake in an extra fancy restaurant which turns out wasn’t a real cake so i technically destroyed their display lol while simultaneously almost setting off the smoke alarm! #HighClass.”

The post of Dave Mustaine with his daughter attracted great interest by the followers and fans. They expressed in the comments of the photo that they look forward to seeing Dave Mustaine on stage again.

When we back on June 17, 2019, the successful musician Dave Mustaine has announced through his social media accounts that he was diagnosed the throat cancer. But, following 5 months after his diagnosis, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson confirmed that Dave Mustaine destroyed cancer.

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