Black Sabbath Legend Ozzy Osbourne Frightens Fans In The Last Photo He Revealed

The Prince of Darkness, best known as the heavy metal band Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, has just updated his official Twitter account with a frightening photo and reminded fans of the social distancing.

This time, Ozzy Osbourne has kept in touch with fans with a moment taken from his second solo album named “Diary of a Madman,” which released on November 7, 1981.

Ozzy Osbourne reminded the social distancing to his fans with these words: “Still at home like… #StayHome #SaferAtHome #SocialDistancing.”

As a response to Ozzy Osbourne, many fans stated how great album it was. Also, some of them expressed that they’re scared because of blood. They also sent good wishes to Ozzy Osbourne by saying stay safe and healthy.

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  1. Biggest Ozzy fan on the planet but its time to retire he is using a TelePrompter and pretty much speaks the lyrics he is becoming a bad parody of his once great self .

  2. Dear Ozzy,…………… “Diary” my favotite album!!… Darker….Randy Rhoads..whole band brilliant.”Namaste”…and my best wishes to you and your family!!!😷😷😷😀😀

  3. We all are getting old… Oz is older and I’m thevsing of the devil `66′

    We all knew you go for it like it’s the last… enjoy, party hard, love hard, rejoice in life’s rewards.

  4. Hey I gotta say I love ozzy everyone is going to get old and I don’t think we should crudely appall him God bless ozzy Osbourne he is the god of rock and roll

  5. You people get on here and say you’re Ozzy’s biggest fan, but he needs to retire. I beg to differ! You evidently do not know what a true musician is! Playing music and singing is what keeps them alive! Musicians have more passion for music than anything else! I was married to a musician for many years and he actually played with Ozzy! Don’t tell him to retire!!!! Send him love, Good Vibes and Prayers!!!

  6. Love you Ozzy stay safe & healthy. Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin, when concert is rescheduled. Take good care.

  7. Hey King Diamond fan…
    Are you serious?
    I can Guarantee you two things:
    1- You ARE NOT the biggest OZZY fan on earth(stop kidding yourself).
    2- King Diamond would probably be embarrassed to have you as a fan if he knew you JUST DISRESPECTED OZZY.
    So do some of us a huge favor and go lay with a douche nozzle.

    Love you OZZY !
    Love you KING DIAMOND!
    This may not get posted.

  8. Ozzy is a legand and can never be duplicated or replaced.
    His work with Black Sabbath is remarkable.

  9. The Heavy Metal Mad Man, Love his solo music, was a fan from 1985 through 1992, Unfortunately lost total interest in him after No more tears. In my opinion he should have retired long time ago.

  10. Been a fan of the Prince of Darkness since day one n always will!!! Never missed a Ozzfest in San Antonio- LOVED his concerts!!!
    Get well soon Ozzy!!!! N we love u!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  11. Dont listen to these dimwits. You retire when you feel like retiring, it’s your life and you are the greatest of all time. People talk without knowing what it takes to be where you are. God bless you and and your family. Life long fan

  12. You stay safe ozzy and you are the heart of all rock and roll 🎙🎸🎵🎶🎼🎹🎤

  13. To king Diamondfan, Ozzy is the greatest heavy metal God prince of darkness and his true fans don’t want to see him retire but to get well and come and rock for us, fair weathered fans like you should go away, we all grew up with Ozzy and love him, be safe Ozzy we all love you!! Can’t wait for you to come back!!

  14. I love ozzy best Musician hands down.his music has helped me more then anyone we ever know.i suffer from Depression.i never loved music so much tell I heard ozzy!!! I lov u man. Jimmie lee hall jr

  15. Ozzy’s been a long time favorite of mine his life has had alot of ups and downs but some how has remained on top in my book. I had a dream being able to see him and had tickets and he had to cancel and I accepted that . Sometimes all we can do is move forward and wonder that there’s a purpose how and why we go through the things we do. Love your lasest album my friend and may you and your family always have love for each other. Your lyrics got myself alot of relief from my own life and they always where a reminder that every day life is not easy and that we all go through some crazy ass shit….. thank you for your music and may your journey go to where you are the happiest. Pain isn’t the easiest thing and its something that alot of people will never know…… god bless and keep your loved ones safe and close…..

  16. Ozzy you are my forever favorite singer and I still rock out to your music full blast.naver in my life have I met any rock band and if I was to meet you omg I would cry it would be the happy day ever for me cuz I finally get to meet someone awesome
    Hope you are keeping safe out there and your family too much love ozzy ❤❤❤

  17. He is sick leave your nasty comments to yourself. much love Ozzy you have brought me through the darkest days

  18. I have a wrist tattoo of the cross from ozzys album love me ozzy Sharon and family listened to ozzy since he began RIP Randy u r missed stay safe and healthy ozzy and Sharon

  19. I met Ozzy with his family at Disneyland. He was so sweet and real! He and his wife and kids waited in line like everyone else! He signed autographs, talked to people, and was Very gratious! I love both Disneyland and Ozzy. One of the best days of my life!!!!

  20. I think the new album is mostly throw-away songs. However, IMO ‘Under the Graveyard’ is one of his best ever, and that song alone (along with the video movie for it) makes the album entirely worth it. After everything Ozzy has done to destroy his mind and body, I think it is amazing that he is still able to crank out exceptional music. I was sad to see Dio go. It will be a horrible day, when they are both gone.

  21. Rock On Ozzy
    Ive been a fan sinoffe age 10 !!
    My children are a huge fan also 💟
    Much Love and Stay Safe Be healthy

  22. OZZY I have followed you for years even when you played in garages to practice with your band your the greats in the world you have always inspired me and that’s why I sing so well thank you for your years of devotion to music and your fans OZZY relax you got this stay safe and healthy.

  23. I always loved your music and your even your show used to have the Osborne show that was the Kick-Ass show was ever put on TV hope you doing well

  24. look at the size of that man’s pupils. Can I get some of that good stuff? Legend right here folks

  25. Ozzy lost all of my respect when his wife Sharon said on their TV series that she would like to suck the sick of some guy she was seeing on TV at the moment. The fact that Ozzy is still with her… wow… no respect for you. Also… because of Ozzy, cancelling the Seattle show in 1986, because of a sore fucking throat… I didn’t get to see Metallica open for him and then, Cliff Burton died. To me… Ozzy is pathetic.

  26. If you don’t have Ozzy in your rock collection, then you don’t have a true collection! He’s still got it!

  27. I have loved Ozzy for most of my life and even named my daughter Ozaya in his honor. We all need to realize that he is older and needs to spend the time he has left with HIS FAMILY. We have the memories and all the love he gave us through his music. It’s his time to shine with the ones he cherishes now.

  28. Ozzy be Ozzy praying for your health to get better follow your heart you are the best thing that music ever seen or heard if you decide to walk away from the stage I understand had to make a decision on my racing career but hung my Helmont up it was hard to me the memories are there love you Ozzy and everything you have done for us and your family you will always be alive to millions of people my best poster is of you and Randy rhoads two of the best God Damm rockers in the world I can say the world is yours Ozzy

  29. Ozzy ik you don’t know me it’s cool but I wish you luck man your one of my growing up all times favorite singers don’t listen to all the negative comments and or people just get well and play some more plz we all love you here where I live and almost all of my friends and family.

  30. First concert in 1985 I was 15 years old and met you backstage at Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio and I will never ever forget that. Been a huge fan and will cry like a baby the day your soul leaves us, but I will still be rocking the Bark at the Moon and Diary of a Madman for the rest of my life. God bless you and your family Oz man. Stay safe! Much love brother! D.Barker

  31. Don’t disrespect a Rock and Roll legend. His personal life is what it is. This man has been giving us music for almost 50 years. What have you given the world?

  32. Ha ha haaa.Your going to hell buddy. First class ticket the only thing Satsn hates you. You remind him of GOD burn Ozzy burn.

  33. Wth is wrong with that picture ? Of course he’s older but he’s not skeletal or anything like that. Ozzy rules .

  34. Hey folks, it’s all part of this thing called LIFE,we are ALL going to grow old and,most likely look rough as Hell,us who’ve partied limed crazy anyway,Why make Ozzy aging a big deal?? He is still the BADASSED OZZY,We all love, he’s just aging,as we all must!! We aren’t someone else,we all, grew older&aging still!! WE LOVE YOU OZZY, I,MYSELF,THINK YOU HAVE AGED WELL!! Thank you for so many amazing albums,and years of True Rock n Roll!! ✌💖😊

  35. My husband who is 46 has always been a die hard Ozzy fan last year he bought tickets to take our son to see him in Cincinnati the concert was scheduled for June 2019 , was postponed until June 2020 and then was canceled all together my husband was and is still so devastated

  36. You rock. You look great to me.I love your vocals. I enjoy anything you do. Love to the family. Ozzy Rules.

  37. Sabbath ozzy is the greatest ozzy…before the production..before the photo shoots…before the flash…deep heavy smooth metal… You can’t compare the two different careers…imo

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