Jim Root Remembers His Friend’s Reaction After His Refusing To Join Slipknot: “Stupid”

The successful guitarist Jim Root spoke to Guitar Magazine and remembered his joining to world-famous heavy metal band Slipknot and took his fans back to 1999.

While he talks about the issue, Jim Root said that he refused to join to band two times and remembered his friend’s reaction to his decision.

“After Atomic Opera ended, Slipknot was kind of kicking off but I’d given up on guitar and the whole ‘rock star dream.’

“I hadn’t even touched a guitar in years. Slipknot was getting label interest and they asked me to be in the band but I had to pass because I didn’t think my abilities were up to the task at that point.

“I said no to joining the band two times. Finally, a friend talked some sense into me. He was like, ‘What are you, stupid?! You can always go back to what you were doing before! You should give this a try.’”

Jim continued to his words by remembering the rare moments he lived in Sid Wilson‘s house.

“So I quit my job. The next day, I was at Mick’s apartment and he was showing me all the tunes they’d recorded. Then we were rehearsing them at Sid’s house. A week later, I was in Malibu recording them.”

Also, Jim Root has just talked about his current style and stated that the guitar solos are stressful.

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