Alice Cooper Launches Huge Campaign To Support Each Other During Coronavirus Outbreak

Recently, the successful rock musician Alice Cooper, also known as The Godfather of Shock Rock, has launched a new campaign through his social media accounts by mentioning his upcoming track named “Don’t Give Up,” which will be unleashing on May 15.

With the post he shared, Alice Cooper invited fans to be part of this important campaign by sharing a video or photo of them, which held a sign featuring a word from the lyrics. If you share a sign with Alice Cooper, you could be in the final video.

“Alice Cooper sent the following letter to call people about the issue: I would like to thank all of my minions for their amazing support so far. We are making something truly special and I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. Keep ’em coming!!

“My new song ‘DON’T GIVE UP’ is coming MAY 15 and I want YOU to be a part of this special song! Share a photo or video of you holding a sign featuring A WORD FROM THE LYRICS to the song and you could be in the final video.”

When we look at the comments of the Instagram post, many fans thanked Alice Cooper for his helpful behavior. Also, some of them stated that they’re excited to see the final video.

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