Mark Lanegan Recalls His Unheard Conversation With Nirvana Legend Kurt Cobain

The American singer Mark Lanegan recalled the unheard conversation he made with the Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain and took fans back to the early days of the successful musician.

During an appearance with Rolling Stone, when Mark was asked how did Kurt Cobain‘s passing affected him, he said that it pushed him to go deeper into the disappearance.

“Kurt’s death just made me go deeper into just wanting to fucking disappear and forget that I had had what started as this really pure relationship of mutual admiration for each other’s music, which we had for years.

“We liked the same kind of music and then that had warped into a situation where he had become so famous and had said to me at one point, ‘You and Dylan are the only real friends I have anymore,’ at the height of his popularity, and it was just sad.”

After Kurt Cobain‘s those words, Mark recalled his reaction.

“I also remember thinking, ‘What kind of friend am I?’ Because this guy used to look up to me. And he always acted as though he did, even though I knew he saw my decline.

“I just remember thinking, ‘Wow. I could have shown some fucking decent guidance here to this kid who fucking looked up to me and who I loved.’

“And instead, I just was a guy who became one of those people that would go out and buy drugs for his more famous friends who couldn’t go out in public. That was hard to reconcile, and it will always be. I could have been a different kind of person, and I wasn’t.”

Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain died at the age of 27.

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