Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Shares Thank Message to Crew

American heavy metal band Machine Head lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Robb Flynn recently shared a huge thank message from the band’s Instagram account. In the article he wrote, he mentioned the incredibly hard-working crew and congratulated them on their wonderful work. Also, he revealed that adversity and challenges came but how the crew powered through them like a bulldozer.

You can find some of his article below.

“To our incredibly hard-working crew you all kicked so much a**, it was insane. Adversity and challenges came, and you powered through them like a bulldozer. Special shout out to team leader Steve Lagudi for straight KILLING it! Steve, Luke, Shot Rod, PartyBoi, Head Casey, Paul, Colin, Hannah, Keegan, Joe, Niklas, Peter, Sugar Bear, Sean-Paul you all are amazing, and we are stoked to have you guys on board!”

To Logan and Chris, I am so glad we’re able to do all this amazing sh*t after all these years! To Vogg and Matt, we’re lucky to have found guys as talented and great to be around as you two.

I was honored to share the stage with each and every one of you, thank you for your amazing talents!⁠

Joseph Huston and Adam Saunder, the men behind the scene who made it flow seamlessly!⁠”

“And to the Head Cases: your passion, your vigor, your loyalty, your spirit, your goddamned stamina for 3 1/2 hours a sheer raging is unmatched! Greatest fans in the world! No one even comes close!”

On behalf of Machine Head thank you to all who came out to these historic shows.⁠

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