Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Explains Why The Beatles Had To Stop Live Shows

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has recently commented on the British rock band The Beatles‘ touring issue and explained why they had to stop touring.

As some of you might know, The Beatles made its last-ever live performance more than five decades ago. On January 30th, 1969, they played on the roof of their Savile Row headquarters in London, and it was pinned as the latest live performance of the band.

However, in a recent appearance on Ultimate Classic Rock, Aerosmith guitarist has made some comments about The Beatles and their live performances. He explained why they had to stop live shows while giving a one-hour interview.

He Says The Beatles Was Totally Overlooked

The Beatles

Opening up about The Beatles and the band’s touring, he revealed his thoughts about why they had to stop live shows. He also sent respectful words to Beatles.

“The Beatles’ music was totally overlooked and that’s, in the end, why they’ve stopped touring was because people wouldn’t listen to the music when they played live,” Perry reveals.

“And they were unquestionably one of the best live bands ever, even today. And they were a combination of talent, it was unbelievable.

Perry Reveals The Best Thing The Beatles Ever Made

The Beatles, 1969

Concluding his words, Perry revealed the best thing The Beatles ever made throughout their career.

“But what they did was they brought that guitar, that sound, to the forefront, to everybody,” he said. “Because, if you weren’t a kid on the edge of your seat watching them on TV, you were an adult watching your kid watch them on TV, and that scared the shit out of a lot of people.

“Boy, nothing stopped it. And that’s why they played that simple lift, those three chords, and then the basic pentatonic thing that they did, that was banned on the radio, it’s instrumental.”

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  1. Really there shows weren’t that much being almost thirty minutes long. But the Beatles main complaint about the show was no one could hear them above the screaming crowds. They could barely hear themselves. Touring wasn’t fun. John said he wanted out of the Beatles but stayed when the others asked or pleaded him to stay. So they became a studio band.

  2. Greatest Gigs of all time is Pink Floyd nothing even comes close nothing.Also the greatest music and lyrics ever written..☮🎸

  3. They stopped performing live because of the absolute chaos that their massive crowds caused. It was too much for the band and security to handle and deemed it too unsafe to play live anymore. They literally say this in several documentaries.

  4. George said that when the Beatles were whisked away from the stage in an armored truck they all agreed that they could not and would not continue touring like this, they couldn’t even hear themselves on stage, they feared for their safety, they were constantly sequestered. No way to ply your craft do they took it inside the studio

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