Lita Ford Talks About Ozzy Osbourne’s Health Problems

In a new interview with Linea Rock, Lita Ford, who made a duet with Ozzy Osbourne in 1989, has talked about Ozzy Osbourne‘s health problems and commented on Ozzy‘s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Lita said that the Parkinson’s disease is hardcore and mentioned how much they love Ozzy.

“I’m surprised he’s made it this long, with nothing. He’s had a good life. I don’t know that his life is over right now, but Parkinson’s is pretty hardcore. All the plastic surgery and all the drugs and the alcohol and all the shit that he’s put in his body…”

Lita also stated that she don’t wanna see Ozzy as sick but added that she don’t surprised.

“We all love Ozzy, and we don’t wanna see him sick. But, for God’s sakes, when you’re snorting ants and stuff, it might leave you a little messed up later in life. I don’t know. But I’m not surprised.”

On January 21, English singer Ozzy Osbourne announced that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and talked about his battle with it. He expressed that he is treating the disease with medication.

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