Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls The Special Show He Played In Independence Day

The English artist Jimmy Page, known for the guitarist of the rock band Led Zeppelin, has just added a new story to his special social media series and remembered the huge show he played in Independence Day.

In the story he wrote, Jimmy Page took fans back to 1985 and revealed which cities they played. He also remembered the artists he played with.

Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1985, I played Independence Day with The Beach Boys.⁣

“Philadelphia and Washington were played on this memorable day and we travelled by train between the two cities. ⁣

“Mr T was also on that trip. I became quite friendly with Beach Boy musician Bruce Johnston. It was an honour to meet Brian and Carl Wilson and play with The Beach Boys on this historic day, however, we don’t celebrate July 4th in England.⁣”

As a response to his story, his social media followers thanked him for that. Many of them have also talked about the show they played and wrote it was one of the greatest shows of all time.

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  1. Odd mix of folks together i know. But i was there for the D.C. mall performance.
    The song i remember was a version of ” skake your money maker”, song by Cristopher Cross,with Mr. T on drums and of course Page on guitar.
    Those Beach Boys shows made for good entertainment. Back when the 4th of july in our nations capital was the real deal. Quite a party

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