Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Poses With Two Girls, His Girlfriend Reacts

With a recent post he shared through his official social media account, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed one of the rare-known poses of him taken in Rio and recalled the special times he lived.

Jimmy Page wrote the following words to bring his fans back to 2010:

“On this day in 2010, I was in Rio where I would be getting an injection of high voltage Samba at the percussive samba schools of Mangueira, Portela and Beija Flor. ⁣

“During this period, I had a showcase that coincided with the build up to a World Cup football match being projected on an adjacent wall in the hall. ⁣

“The Brazilians are known for their passion for football and the same school’s percussion and dancers timed the conclusion to their mini-showcase admirably as the glances became more than anxious from those watching the screen, awaiting the kick off.”

When he sent the pose, his poet/performer girlfriend Scarlet Sabet has commented on the photo and shared her thoughts about it. She reacted by sending only emojis:


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